Hermle Tellurium II Mechanical Mantel Clock - Piano Black

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  • Tellerium Clocks reproduce the annual orbit of the earth around the sun with the Earth rotating on its own axis every 24 hours. 
  • The Moon in turn revolves around the earth every 29.5 days completing its own full turn of its axis
  • This allows the reproduction of the different moon phases as they are visible from Earth. 
  • In one year the Earth passes through all 12 Zodiac signs, months and individual days
  • 8 Day Mechanical 4x4 Westminster Chime Strike Bell Movement
  • 11 Jewel Swiss escapement and automatic night shut-off
  • Size: Height 35cm; Width 29cm
  • Piano black finish solid wooden case with front and back door, metal applications, pearl decor, brass columns and bevelled glass. Glass dome with hand cut stars.
  • The Sun is depicted by a Sun god, metal cast along with the Earth and Moon Globes
  • A Truly Outstanding Design
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in Germany


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Brand Hermle
Condition New
Product Code JC22948-Q10352
Weight 1000kg